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2 Days In New York

One of the greatest things about summer is sinking into a comfy chair at an air-conditioned cinema and munching away on popcorn and icy cold drinks. If you can’t quite stomach the idea of queueing up to see a major blockbuster - the Twilight fans are out in force at the moment, after all - then escape the crowds and have a gander at Julie Delpy’s delightfully quirky offering, 2 Days In New York.

2 Days in New York

Following on from her last film 2 Days In Paris, this time Marion (Delpy) is settled down into a new relationship with radio host and journalist Mingus (Chris Rock). They’ve both come from pretty rocky breakups, but have settled into a nice, cozy family unit, along with their children from previous relationships. But if there’s anything that can put a relationship to the test, it’s meeting the parents for the first time. When Marion’s father (Albert Delpy, Julie’s real-life father) shows up, with Marion’s sister and her weird boyfriend in tow, the couple’s easygoing relationship is going to get put to the test.

Have we piqued your interest? Well, then you’re in luck, because a few Pigeonhole fans could be going to see the movie for free! All you have to do is comment on our 2 Days In New York Facebook post what you would do if you only had 2 days to spend in New York. We'll pick the best six entries with each getting a free double pass! So get those fingers typing and comment away for your chance to see this charming piece of cinema.

2 thoughts on “2 Days In New York”

  • whatindienights

    Hi there pigeons.
    I really wish you wouldn't make it so hard to interact with your fine selves. I love Pigeonhole and I would love to enter your competitions, but I DON'T love facebook and don't have a profile. 
    It would be awesome if you would recognise that not everyone does, and allow other ways of entering comps.
    Thanks and peace and love and all that jazz,

  • johann

    Hi Leah! We're terribly sorry to hear that we have neglected our non facebook fans! The 2 Days in New york competition was done specially on facebook in conjunction with Hopscotch Films to promote the film.

    We will be having more competitions over the month so do keep an eye out on that! Thanks once again for the feedback much appreciated!


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