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  • Meet The Pigeons!

    Hey friends of Pigeonhole!

    We're so excited to announce that we've just finished our first ever 'Meet The Pigeons' video.

    Pigeonhole 'Meet The Pigeons' Video -
    Meet The Pigeons


    Pigeonhole first opened in October 2007 as a tiny one-stop fashion and gift store tucked away in a heritage arcade in Perth, Western Australia.

    Today we are a team of around 70 staff, interns & contributors (aka “The Pigeons”) spread across 10 stores and 4 offices worldwide. The Pigeons are all passionate, creative and forward thinking individuals and we want to introduce them to you!

    “Meet The Pigeons” will be an ongoing project through different media that celebrates our ability to mobilise the creatively inclined; build and develop community; and cultivate an environment where fashion, design, art & photography are widely accessible.

    Brands featured in the video are: Pigeonhole, Impossible Project, Page Thirty Three, Dr. Denim, BrewSmith, Lazy Oaf, Nudie, Rollas, Native Youth, Henley Brands, W & P Design, IMM Living, Vanishing Elephant and Norse Projects.

    Featuring Perth local artists Three Hands One Hoof and stylist duo, Hello Love and The Butcher, The Baker, The Stylist & Creator, we are excited to present to you our very first “Meet The Pigeons”!

  • Welcome to the fold, World Square!

    Now we're centre stage!

    Following in recent trends, we've cut the ribbon to our brand spankin' new Sydney retail space, World Square! For those of you who aren't familiar with the space, go get yourself acquainted! Surrounded by some amaze restaurants (Din Tai Fung, yessiree bob) and some of Sydney's most celebrated haunts, our World Square store is defs the place to recline after a busy day of mooching around and being a general legend. The store is chock to the brim with amazing Pigeonhole product, fashion, jewellery, home wares, photography, footwear and gifts and our store manager and French lord, Sebastien, and the gang will take good care of you for whatever your needs.

    Get to it!

    photo (5)

  • Say g'day Fremantle, we're opening a new nest!

    You heard correct!

    We're opening a brand new nest in the wonderful MANY 6160 centre in beautiful Fremantle! (Western Australia for our interstate and international mates). About time, right?

    Yeah, yeah, we heard ya'!

    Our awesome staff have been working relentlessly around the clock building our little (see; huge) new home and we're so excited to invite you to our opening. Our amazing new store opens tomorrow (the 6th of June) at 10am and will include a whole host of all our wonderful brands. With everything from jewellery, home wares, giftware, fashion and photography, you can expect to see some of the great product that we're so well renowned for; and we're not doing it in halves either! This time round we're introducing a new concept titled the Pigeonhole Archives! Aptly named, the Archives is a vault of fashion one offs and special pieces from both recent and old seasons and also includes a great range of vintage finds. All at wonderful prices and deals!

    BUT WAIT, THERE'S MORE! To top it off, MANY 6160 are having a launch party tomorrow night to celebrate their new winter trading hours and the wonderful new host of retailers that have come on board. Celebrations kick off at 5pm and end at 8pm with some great entertainment, a few relaxed drinks, food (because hunger), some wonderful skill workshops and a whole heap more!

    It would be a sorry state of affairs to miss all this jazz!

    So, let's break it down for you.

    * Pigeonhole, awesome.
    * New store - MANY 6160 : Kings Square, 2 Newman Court, Fremantle
    * MANY 6160 winter hours launch party - tomorrow night from 5pm
    * Pigeonhole Archives - a great selection of one off fashion pieces

    Could it get any better?

    Only when we see YOUR smiling faces!

  • Indigo Debut EP Launch - 'Cats in the Birdcage', The Bird June 5th

    The birds are out and the cats are sittin' pretty for this wonderful new night over at one of Northbridges finest watering holes, The Bird.

    Kicking off this week (June the 5th) we see Mandurah locals and First Break finalists, Indigo, launch their self-titled debut EP supported by Kat Wilson, Little Skye and Curtis McEntee. The night kicks off from 8pm and tickets will cost you only 15 bucks. Seriously, excuses to go out for beers this Thursday night never came easier.

    Support your local and get to it!


  • Meet The Pigeons - Dave

    photo (4)

    Today we sit down and nurse a cup o' joe with one of our spectacular 'warehaus' staff, Dave. When Dave's not busy slingin' threads the way of our stockists, you can catch him masterminding the Friday morning footy program on Sydney's FBi Radio or being the front man of a local band that he refuses to relinquish the name of... Seriously, $10 to anyone who can pry it out of him.

    Describe yourself in a couple of words…

    Easy going but a bit awkward

    Favourite Pigeonhole product?

    Henley stuff (seriously, the fella probably owns every bit of Henley ever manufactured), or Polaroid Cameras

    Favourite era of fashion?


    Favourite animal?

    Red Panda

    Favourite movie?

    Pineapple Express or Blue Valentine

    Favourite book?


    Favourite ice cream flavour?

    Cookies 'n' Cream

    Hobbies outside of work that no one knows about?

    I am currently making a chair out of pallets

    Best pick-me-up song?

    Raja Black - Peace

    Do you have any unusual skills/talents?

    I can juggle

    Pet peeve?


    If you had one million dollars how would you spend it?

    Id get a mansion.. or does a million just buy a house these days?

    Fondest childhood memory?

    Down the coast at Minnamurra

    Favourite childhood outfit?

    White Stussy Spray Jacket with a Tiger on the back

    One day I’d like to…

    Live overseas

    If you could sing one song on Australian Idol, what would it be?

    Sexual Healing

    If you were a box of cereal what would you be and why?

    Froot Loops, because Froot Loops

    When I say pigeon, you think…


    You wake up to your alarm and the first thing you reach for is…


    Yew! Cheers Dave ya' big maniac! Stay tuned for more 'Meet the Pigeons' coming your way real, real soon!

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