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  • BLINK! A Photographic Affair

    This Friday make sure you head down to take part in the amazing BLINK! Photographic Affair in the Karrinyup Shopping Centre carpark!

    The one night only pop up festival kicks off from 6.30pm until 9.30pm and is set to be a real grand experience with a whole host of wonderful experiences to take part in. We'll be there in full force and swinging the lucky winner of the Instagram Scavenger Hunt a Lomo prize pack!

    Check the flier below for more details!

    BLINK Flyer

  • Meet The Pigeons - Jasmine


    She’s our very own kawaii Perth girl about town - meet Jasmine!

    Describe yourself in a couple of words.

    Disturbingly open, food addict

    You’re a local Perth girl, tell us one of Perth’s best kept secrets.

    Arigataya for Ramen and Newton Circle for Kuay Teow. Oooohhhh yeah so tasty!

    Where is the most inspiring place you’ve been?


    Favourite pigeonhole product?

    Crumple Cups and Oil Burners!

    Favourite era of fashion?

    The now!

    Any fashion no-nos?


    Tell us something you couldn’t live without.

    Air, water, food and toilet paper.

    Favourite animal?


    Favourite movie?

    There are too many but Akira, Origin and Mononoke Hime would be my top 3.

    Favourite book?

    Dragon Ball Z manga.

    Is it ice cream or gelato?

    Umm, vanilla bean rice pudding?

    Interests outside of work that no one knows about?


    Best pick-me-up song?

    Spank Rock / Amanda Blank - Bump

    Do you have any unusual skills/talents?

    Eating a ton of food and still being able to eat more when i'm full!

    Pet peeve?

    Bad hygiene and don't come to me smelling like bed, naah mean!

    If you had a million dollars how would you spend it?

    There are too many options and I'm way too indecisive.

    Hot chips or mash?

    Track Side hot chips; DAH

    Favourite childhood outfit?

    I used to have this top that said "Flower Power", the picture was a white flower and the stem was a power point.. it was a good one.

    When I say pigeon, you think…

    A grey bird.

  • Meet The Pigeons - Erin


    Erin is one of our multi talented ‘slashie’ Pigeons, doubling up as a Teacher/Pigeon, she’s Miss Erin by day and darling Pigeon come the weekend.

    Describe yourself in a couple of words.

    Chatty and charming ;)

    Being a Pigeon/Teacher are two very different things, what do you enjoy about your jobs?

    Whether it be explaining a polaroid camera or tying a shoelace, they both involve interacting with interesting people. Big and small . I love the diversity of doing both.

    You’ve worked at Pigeonhole for some time, has being a Pigeon prepped you for the classroom?

    Oh yeah! At Pigeonhole, I sometimes gather the staff around to tell them a story. The stories about my weekend and the story or The Very Hungry Caterpillar are a little different though.

    They say kids say the funniest things. Have you got any good stories you can tell us?

    A Year 2 student once made me a card that said ‘Miss 'P', you're my second favourite teacher’ Come on kid, I can’t put this on my fridge!

    English or Maths?

    English, by like 115%

    History or Geography?


    Favourite pigeonhole product?

    Bonnie Leather Tote - it’s become a staple item of every female staff member. It’s kind of weird if you don’t own it.

    Favourite era of fashion?

    Is black and drapey an era? The 90’s make me feel nostalgic, I wanted to dress like Alex Mack. But I also wanted to dress like the children in The Sound of Children...

    Favourite animal?

    Guinea Pigs!  ree reee reee!  Although, I ate one in Peru and have felt ongoing guilt ever since.

    Favourite movie?

    Back to the Future Part 1 (followed closely by Part 2)

    What reality tv show would you choose to star in?

    The Bachelor, but I would just end up being friends with all the girls and laugh at the poor bloke. I would be so funny, I would essentially be ‘the star’ of the entire series.

    Favourite book?

    The Folk of the Faraway Tree

    Favourite ice cream flavour?

    Chocolate. Chocolate by itself, chocolate with other things, chocolate with another form of chocolate.

    Interests outside of work that no one knows about?

    Local history. Go for a drive with me, I’ll tell you facts that you will find mildly interesting about the building coming up on your left.

    Best pick-me-up song?

    My first reaction is Wake Me Up Before You Go Go  by WAM. “You take the grey skies out of my way, you make the sun shine brighter than Doris Day” I bet you're happier after reading those lyrics!

    Do you have any unusual skills/talents?

    I can create a crease in the middle of my tongue. If thats not talent.. I believe you.

    Pet peeve?

    People who dry dishes (the air does it for free)

    If you had a million dollars how would you spend it?

    On educating people on how the air dries things for you.

    When I say pigeon, you think…


  • Meet The Pigeons - Patrick


    To follow up with our Meet The Pigeons video we sat down for a brief chat with the one and only man about town, Patrick!

    He's easily one of our most dedicated Office Pigeons keeping us entertained for way over 5 years. When he’s not narrating bizarre news articles and giving us sass in the office, he’s cooking up a feast and watching way too much Netflix.

    - Describe yourself in a couple of words.

    Dreamer, joker, sentimental, lover

    - You’ve worked with Pigeonhole for a long time; tell us what you enjoy most about your job.

    There is a lot I enjoy about Pigeonhole, the people for one. There's not many places you can say most of your colleagues are friends. I also get to work with my partner which is great. It’s also a fast paced and creative environment were you are part of a family and not just another number were your thoughts and ideas are valued and not dismissed.

    - Favourite pigeonhole product?

    At the moment it would have to be the brass frames from HomArt

    - Favourite era of fashion?

    I love a lot of the clothing that is available now but definitely the 30’s everything was so chic and classic with clean lines and good tailoring everyone wore a suit and tank tops didn’t exist.

    - Favourite animal?

    Definitely the Otter they hold hands whilst sleeping so they don’t float away I mean come on, how adorable is that?

    - Favourite movie?

    Of all time? That is a tricky one, I adore most classic films but I have such a broad taste in cinema. My favourite that comes to mind would have to be The Wizard of Oz I have always identified with Dorothy, especially growing up. We were both outsiders in a world we didn’t understand, is that to cliché? Probably hahaha.

    - You watch a lot of Netflix – what are you currently watching?

    Well A LOT of things but I am currently watching a British Sci-Fi/Thriller/Horror called Utopia and it is fantastic. The British really know how to make compelling television.

    - What reality tv show would you choose to star in?

    Hmmm I loathe most reality television mostly because I don’t identify with any of the characters but do enjoy “Ladies of London”. It’s about American women trying to break into London’s high society. Those women are cruel and I love them!

    - Favourite book?

    Everyone should read the following

    1) Dress Your Family in Denim & Corduroy – David Sedaris

    2) American Psycho – Brett Easton Ellis

    3) In Cold Blood – Truman Capote

    4) Bossy Pants – Tina Fey

    - Favourite ice cream flavour?

    I am lactose Intolerant but I loooove ice cream. Life’s a bitch (can I say Bitch?)

    - Interests outside of work that no one knows about?

    I’m a pretty open book but I get a strange satisfaction from vacuuming and I am addicted to playing Kim Kardashian Hollywood even though I hate the Kardashians. Seriously download it and you will be hooked! You basically start out as nobody and climb the celebrity ladder.

    - You’re a great cook, what’s on the menu at your place this week?

    I just cooked a killer meatloaf and this week we are having noodle soup with pork and prawn dumplings, Pork and Fennel seed meatballs and bimbap. Well.. that’s all I have planned so far.

    - Best pick-me-up song?

    “Young Hearts Run Free” by Candy Staton or the “Theme from New York New York” by Liza Minnelli. I know I am a cliché but you love it.

    - Do you have any unusual skills/talents?

    I can lick my own elbow.. it’s not very fascinating

    - Pet peeve?

    Gum chewers, spitters, feet shufflers and ignorance

    - If you had a million dollars how would you spend it?

    I’d probably buy a house and travel with the rest, I’m very selfish.

    - Fondest childhood memory?

    Hmmmm probably when my brothers were born and road trips with my family.

    - Favourite childhood outfit?

    I had some doozies I was born in the 80’s and as we all know the 90’s was a fashionable vacuum but I had these blue acid wash overalls that I loved. I was also heavy into colour blocking. I also had a pair of red pants that had Micky Mouse on the back pocket and a built in fanny pack.

    - When I say pigeon, you think...


  • Meet The Pigeons!

    Hey friends of Pigeonhole!

    We're so excited to announce that we've just finished our first ever 'Meet The Pigeons' video.

    Pigeonhole 'Meet The Pigeons' Video -
    Meet The Pigeons


    Pigeonhole first opened in October 2007 as a tiny one-stop fashion and gift store tucked away in a heritage arcade in Perth, Western Australia.

    Today we are a team of around 70 staff, interns & contributors (aka “The Pigeons”) spread across 10 stores and 4 offices worldwide. The Pigeons are all passionate, creative and forward thinking individuals and we want to introduce them to you!

    “Meet The Pigeons” will be an ongoing project through different media that celebrates our ability to mobilise the creatively inclined; build and develop community; and cultivate an environment where fashion, design, art & photography are widely accessible.

    Brands featured in the video are: Pigeonhole, Impossible Project, Page Thirty Three, Dr. Denim, BrewSmith, Lazy Oaf, Nudie, Rollas, Native Youth, Henley Brands, W & P Design, IMM Living, Vanishing Elephant and Norse Projects.

    Featuring Perth local artists Three Hands One Hoof and stylist duo, Hello Love and The Butcher, The Baker, The Stylist & Creator, we are excited to present to you our very first “Meet The Pigeons”!

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