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a crafty idea: spring pinwheels!

With this delightful spring weather bringing lovely cool breezes, wouldn't it be nice to have a few pretty pinwheels on  hand to spin in the wind? But how to make them? Just follow these very simple instructions, and you'll be pinwheelin' before you know it!

1. Begin with a square of paper.

2. Fold your square corner to corner, then unfold.

3. Make a pencil mark about 1/3 of the way from the centre on each fold line.


 1.                                     2.                                      3.

4. Cut along fold lines, stopping at your pencil mark.

5. Bring every other point into the centre and stick a pin through all four points.


              4.                                            5.      

6. The head of the pin forms the hub of the pinwheel.

7. Turn your pinwheel over- make sure the pin pokes through in the exact centre. Roll the pin around in little circles to enlarge the hole a little- this guarantees your pinwheel will spin freely.

8. Stick the pin into a thin dowel. Handy hint: separate your pinwheel from the dowel with two or three beads. Stick the pin through the beads first, then into the dowel.

6sml7sml   8sml

            6.                                    7.                                   8.

And there you have it! Make just one, or a whole batch to bunch together in a pinwheel bouquet! You can make them any size you like, as long as you start with a square of paper (just make sure the dowel is longer with a bigger pinwheel). If you use double-sided paper, the effect is even prettier! Sigh.

Anna xx

One thought on “a crafty idea: spring pinwheels!”

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