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'Fill the Frame': A local art project

With the new expansion of Cabin Fever and all the new wall space that comes with it, we are very happy to announce that we have dedicated our wall of empty frames to local art.

These naked frames (in all different arrangements and sizes) and the space they occupy is up for grabs these coming months.

We are issuing a call out to all artists (that's photographers, sketchers, poets, writers, painters, cartoonists, crochet and cross stitching whizzes, screen printers and everything else we've missed) to submit what artwork of yours you would use to fill a frame on our wall.

On Friday the 28th of October at 3pm entries will close and we will pick 15 pieces of art to fill the 15 frames we have hanging (That's just 3 weeks to get your entries in!).

At the start of next month an exhibition of the 15 artists will take place at the Cabin, in addition to much more on the night, but more on the Cabin party later.

More information? Visit our facebook event page HERE for information on frame sizes and their orientations or to send the link someone else's way. After all, we all have those friends who hide their artwork away in their rooms, folders, notebooks and computers; it's time to dob them in!

Please send your entries through to and stay tuned on our Facebook page for regular 'Fill the Frame' updates and exhibition details.

Get creative!

Evana x


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