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Freshly Baked for Australia Day

Every year, Australia day unfolds pretty much the same way, doesn't it? It's 5 million degrees, the foreshore looks like a Woodstock concert, and the beaches are overrun. This year, try something different - break the vicious cycle of massive crowds and public drinking by coming to the Bakery.

Our friends The Good Company are throwing an Australia day bash! There'll be an epic lineup featuring ITAL (US) in their debut Australian performance, Oscar + Martin (VIC), local heroes Apricot Rail, and many more.

The festivities kick off at 6pm when the weather has dialled down the thermostat, so it's the perfect place to nurse a couple end of the day beers and keep the party going with some mates.

The Good Company were kind enough to chuck us 2 free passes that we'd like to pass on to you - Just be the first person to comment on the Facebook link to this blog with the infamous "Aussie, Aussie, Aussie" chant and they're yours!

If you lose out on the free passes, tickets are $22 online from NowBaking and Heatseeker. If you're violently opposed to online purchases (or have a surplus of cash on hand) they can also be bought in person at Planet, Mills, and 78 Records.

- Kyle


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