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Introducing... Nathalia!




You may have noticed a flock of new pigeons around our stores lately, and now we're going to properly introduce you. We're starting with one of our favourite Swedish exports, the beautiful Nathalia! We'll let her introduce herself...


"I come from Sweden, where the snow is heavy and the men are blonde. I moved here two years ago and have been working at Pigeonhole for almost a year now, where I 

spend my time in The Fox Hunt and Shop 9 in Shafto. When I'm not at work I work out a lot, which in turns leads to an appetite the size of Rambo, so I spend a lot of my days eating when I don't go to the beach or catch up with friends over peppermint tea. I also write for Pilerats and some other things as well as study Journalism."


And onto the questions!


Describe yourself in a couple of words… Swedish, very happy, fitness, apple, clothes loving (sounds lame but is true). 

Favourite Pigeonhole product? The men's tees! I cut them and make into dresses. Should start selling them in the store... get heaps of people asking where they are from.  

Favourite era of fashion? Haven't got one, must say that mixing is the best. Though I might love the 60's due to the extremely short skirts. I also really like the one I'm in.  

Favourite animal? Horses ftw.  

Favourite movie? Funny Face with Audrey Hepburn and Fred Astaire is up there on my list but I have many.  

Favourite book? War and Peace. It's actually amazing. Love that it's so long you can reread it without feeling as if you remember everything.  

Favourite ice cream flavour? Can't have ice- cream...but if I could it would be rum raisin. And chocolate chip cookie. And all other ice cream flavours.  

Best pick-me-up song? Nah, that's a tough one, I like all my music! From Bollywood songs to Lou Reed.  

Do you have any unusual skills/talents? I can break an apple into two pieces.    

Perth’s best kept secret is… My backyard. We have one of those things you throw a basketball in.  

Favourite place in Perth? the bird going out wise, a beach doing nothing wise.  

Fondest childhood memory? When I got my first pony. A golden little super duper thingy that could kiss on demand.  

Favourite childhood outfit? A pink and red dress with tulips and green leaves. Loved that dress so much I think had to be forced to wear pants in winter.  

One day I’d like to… Have a house in all my favorite countries. And a helicopter to take me there.  

When I say pigeon, you think… work.  


So next time you're in Shop 9 or Foxy and see a fit lady wearing a cut up men's tee, don't be shy, come and say hello!


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