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Meet the Pigeons! - Mia

Mia from The Fox Hunt

Mia is new to The Fox Hunt in Northbridge, Perth! Before she dresses you in the best menswear and accessories, get to know how her mind is furnished!

Describe yourself in a couple of words…

A descendent of Jennifer Beals.

Favourite Pigeonhole product?

Jewels! All of the Jewels. And the Han Kjobenhavn Hauss sunnies, delicious.

Favourite era of fashion?

80s. Give me acid wash and offensive pattern clashing any day.

Favourite animal?

Baby Ocelot! They're ridiculous.

Favourite movie?

Pretty in Pink. Oh if Andrew McCarthy ever smiled at me like that...

Favourite book?

Harry Potter. The third one.

Favourite ice cream flavour?

Cookie dough. Or peanut butter. Preferably both.

Best pick-me-up song?

Cold War - The Morning Benders. It's only a minute and a half long but will bring you out of the deepest of monday morning blues.

Do you have any unusual skills/talents?

Still living in hope that i'll discover one.

Pet peeve?

The number of times I have been referred to as Cher by strangers in public.

Perth’s best kept secret is…

The midland salvos. It's a magical place.

Favourite place in Perth…

Places that sell hot chips. They're my weakness.

Fondest childhood memory?

Regularly eating copious amounts of the biscuit base mixture of a cheesecake at the back of my parents restaurant.

Favourite childhood outfit?

The are too many pictures of me wearing a t-shirt over my head as a veil. They speak for themselves.

One day I’d like to…

have enough money to fuel my shopping addiction guilt free.

When I say pigeon, you think… 

Better than a seagull.


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